NO PRESCRIPTION? talk to one of our certified doctors.
Online Doctor Consultation.

You can now speak with a doctor online without leaving your home. Talk about convenience and having more time for yourself.

Offered only on the following drugs: (more coming)

Online Doctor consultation is currently available to residents of The United States.

don’t have a prescription?
Consult a real doctor online

Telemedicine is no longer a future idea. You can get online prescriptions and refills with this user-friendly service. 

Patients simply complete a medical intake form and will be contacted for consultation. 

Available for ALL
Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

No prescription? – no problem! You can easily schedule an online appointment with a doctor for medical consultation.

The erectile dysfunction medications below will have the option of doctor consultation. We can save you a trip to the doctor’s office and speed up the process.

Available with the following medications only :

How It Works

Follow the simple steps below to setup an online doctor consult. If you need more assistance, feel free to call us at 1-800-828-4889 or use our LIVE CHAT feature on the website.


1. Find your medication

Use our quick search feature on the website to type your medication name and it will start to auto-populate with our smart search function. You can also chat online or contact us by phone to find your prescription medication. Once you find your medication, select the prescribed dosage and select the “Brand” or “Generic” option, along with the quantity. You will be prompted for booking an online doctor appointment at this stage as well.


2. Checkout

Complete the checkout process by reviewing the shopping cart once you add the product(s). You will be prompted to either Login (existing patients) or create new account and follow the steps involved to complete the order. Once complete, you will be prompted to complete the intake form.


3. Fill Consult Form

Simply complete the online questionnaire for the doctor to review.


4. Receive/Send Rx

Following the online consult, the doctor will do a clinical review. If medication is suitable then a prescription (Rx) will automatically be sent to Canadian Pharmacy Online for order processing.

Medications Support

Online Medical Consultation FAQ's

How do you pay for the consultation?

You will be prompted for payment during the online intake form step. There will be a separate charge for prescription medication order and the online consult. The charge for the online doctor consult is $45.00?