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A Guide on the Estring Ring: Side Effects, Dosage, and More

As a woman, sometimes it feels like your own body is against you. From the moment you start your first period, you deal with the monthly discomforts and frustrations for years. You would think that you could look forward to the day when menopause puts an end to it, right?

Not exactly, because then your period symptoms are replaced by other unpleasantness. When will it end?

Fortunately, there are reliable ways to treat menopause symptoms. If you’re struggling with vaginal symptoms, ordering the Estring ring from our online pharmacy may be the answer.

What Is the Estring Ring?

Estring is a medication that contains the hormone estradiol. Estradiol is one of the key types of estrogen your body naturally produces. It replaces some of the estrogen your body has lost due to menopause.

Unlike other types of estradiol medications, Estring is a vaginal ring rather than a cream or pill. The ring contains the medication. When you insert the ring into your vagina, it releases the estradiol continuously for 90 days.

Keep in mind that the its is meant to treat the vaginal and lower urinary symptoms of menopause. This includes vaginal dryness, pain during sex, urinary urgency, vaginal burning and itching, and pain during urination. It isn’t meant to treat hot flashes, mood swings, and other non-vaginal symptoms.

Benefits of the Estring Ring

If you have menopausal symptoms affecting your vagina or lower urinary tract, you have treatment options. The Estring ring offers a variety of advantages.

1. Consistent Dosage

With many medications, your body goes through a type of cycle. When you first take the medication, you have plenty of it in your system. As it nears time for your next dose, the medication has faded and your symptoms may come back.

On this roller coaster, you can count on your symptoms coming back at some point every day or as often as you need a new dose. With the Estring ring, there is no roller coaster.

When you insert the ring, it releases a consistent dose of the medication. There are no ups and downs and you don’t need to worry about taking the correct dosage. The ring keeps your hormones on an even keel.

2. Multi-Symptom Relief

Menopause comes with a wide range of symptoms. At their core, though, they all occur for the same reason. Your body is stopping its natural estrogen production, and the lack of estrogen sparks these symptoms.

The Estring ring treats your symptoms by getting to the root of the problem: the lack of estrogen. By replacing some of the missing estrogen, the Estring ring reduces the many vaginal symptoms in one fell swoop.

Keep in mind that the amount of estrogen in the Estring ring is mild, so it only treats symptoms in the direct area of your vagina and lower urinary tract. Still, the ring addresses all your symptoms in this area from pain to dryness.

3. Low-Maintenance Treatment

It isn’t always easy to remember which medications to take and when. Especially if you’re already taking other medications, adding a hormone replacement to the mix isn’t ideal.

The Estring ring is as low-maintenance as it gets. You simply place the ring by yourself at home. For the next three months, the ring does the work for you.

All you need to do is to set a reminder on your calendar every three months to remove and replace the ring.

To treat vaginal menopause symptoms, the traditional option before the Estring ring was a vaginal cream. Applying it can be messy and uncomfortable. You also need to remember to bring the cream any time you go on a trip.

The Estring ring allows you to skip the application sessions and jet off anywhere you like, worry-free.

4. Continuous Comfort

Another common complaint about estradiol creams is the potential discomfort. While some women expect the same with a vaginal ring, that isn’t the case.

When you use the Estring ring correctly, you won’t be able to feel it. If you can feel the ring, it usually means that it isn’t in far enough. Pushing the ring further into your vagina with your finger should solve the problem.

Estring Ring Dosage Guide

Hormones are tricky because the key is to have the right balance throughout your body. Fortunately, the Estring ring takes out all the guesswork for you.

There is only one standard Estring ring which contains the same dosage for every patient. You need one ring for every 90 days. That ring releases 7.5 micrograms of estradiol over the course of each 24 hours.

Does the Estring Ring Have Any Side Effects?

Side effects are part of the game with any medication, and it’s always a concern to consider. Fortunately, though, the Estring ring has a low incidence of side effects.

There have been side effects reported by a small number of patients, such as vaginal discomfort and difficulty sleeping. Some people have also reported gastrointestinal symptoms like nausea or abdominal pain.

However, there are also many side effects that seem to appear less often with the Estring ring than they do with vaginal estradiol creams. These include back pain, joint pain, headaches, urinary tract infections, breast pain, and others.

Overall, most of the rare side effects from the Estring ring are mild and don’t require any medical treatment.

Choosing Your Menopause Relief

Menopause has a way of hitting us like a ton of bricks. It’s a sudden alert that we aren’t as young as we used to be. On top of that psychological aspect, it comes with a laundry list of uncomfortable symptoms.

If you’re struggling with vaginal or urinary symptoms, the Estring ring could be a low-maintenance, simple solution. Better yet, you could get all the benefits above delivered to you directly. Shop our Estring ring medications online today.