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Most commonly ordered medication beginning with the letter 'T'.

Tazorac Cream

Generic: Tazarotene

Strength: 0.1%

As Low As: $55.00

Tazorac Gel

Generic: Tazarotene

Strength: 0.05%

As Low As: $45.00

Toprol XL

Generic: Metoprolol Succinate

Strength: 25mg to 200mg

As Low As: $35.00


Generic: Insulin Glargine

Strength: 300IU/mL

As Low As: $225.00


Generic: Fesoterodine Fumarate

Strength: 4mg | 8mg

As Low As: $45.00


Generic: Linagliptin

Strength: 5mg

As Low As: $55.00

Travatan Z

Generic: Travoprost

Strength: 0.004%

As Low As: $38.00

Trelegy Ellipta

Generic: Fluticasone/Umeclidinium/Vilanterol

Strength: 0.1mg | 0.2mg

As Low As: $106.00


Generic: Insulin Degludec

Strength: 100IU/mL | 200IU/mL

As Low As: $260.00


Generic: Dulaglutide Injection

Strength: 0.75mg | 1.5mg

As Low As: $395.00

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