Tobrex (Tobramycin)

Rx Prescription Required

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Tobrex Ophthalmic Drops 0.3%
Tobramycin 0.3%
Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Tobrex Ophthalmic Drops 0.3%
Tobramycin 0.3%

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To get cheap Tobrex, consult We can supply this medicine if you already have a valid prescription from your doctor. Just call us on 1-800-828-4889. Another way to communicate is via a live chat tool, Canadian Pharmacy Online CHAT.

You should also read a How to Order guide on our website to understand how we work. The maximum amount that can be ordered is a three month supply of medication based on your prescription.

Dosages Available

You can buy Tobrex in its brand and generic forms. The brand medicine is manufactured by Alcon as a product of India. Our generic, also called Tobramycin, is made by Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd as a product of India. We offer Tobrex in one dosage of 0.3%.

Tobrex Price

The lowest price for Tobrex is provided by We can supply a 5ml item for a price of $25.20.  We will as well deliver the item directly to your door. This will not only help save your time but money too. To discover more about this service or speak to a customer care agent, call 1-800-828-4889.


We will ship Tobrex from Mauritius to the US in 10 to 18 business days. Once shipped, you will receive a notification by email. There will be no shipping fees.

Tobrex Information

Bacteria are around us all the time and it can attack any part of our bodies. When it gets in the eyes it can affect the things that we need to do day to day. Tobrex is a medication that will be prescribed when the eyes are affected. It is only bacterial infections that will be cured. When the bacteria are either fungal or viral, there has to be something else found. It is Tobramycin that is in Tobrex that will kill the bacteria.

How To Use

When the condition is either mild or moderate, there will just be one or two drops placed in the eye that has been affected. This will have to be done every 4 hours and should not be done any more frequently. If the infection is classed as severe then the drops will have to be used every hour and again it will be one or two drops. Once there is an improvement seen, the number of drops can be reduced and the timescale reduced until there is no further need to apply.

Side Effects

There could be side effects suffered when using the drops and they can include:

  • Additional eye irritation
  • Itching
  • Tearing
  • Pain
  • Light sensitivity
  • Redness
  • Burning.


Before starting to use Tobrex you should tell the doctor if:

  • You are allergic to antibiotics
  • You have other allergies
  • You are pregnant
  • You are breast feeding
  • You need to drive
  • You operate machinery
  • The sufferer is under 2 months old.


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