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How To Get Cheaper Prescriptions

Would you believe that the average American spends over $1,100 on pharmaceutical drugs each year? We all know that the healthcare system in America is broken, but no big changes have been made to help people get the medications that they need to stay healthy. While it can feel demoralizing to have to advocate for yourself, you should keep in mind that there are plenty of tricks you can use to keep your expenses low. Are you wondering how it’s even possible to score cheaper prescriptions in America?

Read on to break down the top tips people use to get affordable prescriptions.

You Can Order Low-Cost Drugs Online

Not many Americans are aware that they can order medicine from other countries that offer fair prices for drugs. Canada is the best option due to the proximity and costs. While this may not sound traditional, it’s perfectly legal to shop at online international pharmacies as long as you have a prescription from an American doctor.

Not only will you save tons of money, but you can also save precious time by avoiding long pharmacy lines. If you need a regular supply of a prescription, nothing beats the convenience of getting your medication delivered to your door whenever you run low.

Ask About Generic Drugs When Possible

Have you ever noticed that you can save money buying a grocery store’s generic label instead of shelling out for a brand name? You can use this same savvy tip when you’re shopping for medication.

While you may feel most secure getting the name brand that your doctor prescribes, you can compare the ingredients of both medicines to see how close they are. There could be one or two small differences, but oftentimes the ingredients are the same in generic brands.

Consider Buying in Bulk

If you’re getting a prescription to treat a chronic problem, then you could save money by ordering a supply that will last longer. For example, if you normally fill prescriptions that are good for 30 days, then you should ask your healthcare provider for a 90-day supply.

Many manufacturers can offer a sizable discount when people buy in bulk even though you’ll spend more money upfront. You can do the math by diving the number of pills by the total bill and see how much each pill costs. With a bigger supply, you also won’t have to worry about ordering refills as often.

Get Larger Doses of Medicine

Another lesser-known strategy that you can use to lower the price of your medication is to ask your doctor for a larger dose. This is another method to buy in bulk.

It’s important to remember that it may not be suitable to take bigger pills as they come. You may need to chop the pills into smaller pieces that can compare to your usual prescription dose. This may not be the most convenient money-saving strategy, but every dollar adds up.

Use Medical Coupon Tools

One sad fact about filling prescriptions in America is that the costs can vary a huge amount depending on which pharmacy you visit. The reason why is that each distributor is allowed to set their prices to maximize their profits.

To combat this, you can use resources that compare the cost of your specific prescription across all of the pharmacies within your area. You can even set up a distance filter so you’re in control of how far you have to travel to land the nicest deal. There are many coupon tools out there, but GoodRx is one of the most common ones that people use.

Communicate With Your Doctor About Your Budget

Some people feel embarrassed about expressing concerns that relate to their budget. The truth is that your doctor is there to make your life better instead of more stressful. Don’t feel shy about starting a conversation about your struggles to buy your prescriptions.

Your doctor may be able to come up with a different treatment plan that forgoes medication altogether or they could find a cheaper medicine.

Investigate Your Insurance Coverage

Even if you’re fortunate to have health insurance, you may not have sufficient coverage when you need to go to the pharmacy. To avoid any surprises, you should call your provider to obtain a list of medications that are covered by your insurance and how much the copay is. As strange as it sounds, you may spend less money buying a prescription out of pocket instead of through your health insurance.

Anyone who isn’t satisfied with their health insurance should browse different plans and providers to see if they can find better coverage.

Sign Up for a Pharmacy Card

Many pharmacies have a loyalty program that rewards their shoppers. Every dollar you spend there can rack up points that you can use to redeem rewards. From store credit to discounts and more, it’s worth opening an account.

Pharmacy cards are free and you usually need to provide a phone number or email address to get started.

See If You Can Try a Sample First

In a country that demands an arm and a leg for basic medications, getting free samples may sound too good to be true. These offers aren’t always available for the specific prescription you need, but there’s no harm in asking your doctor.

People who are trying a medicine for the first time may be able to receive a sample to see if they enjoy taking it and don’t have any negative side effects.

Everyone Deserves Access to Cheaper Prescriptions

Getting cheaper prescriptions does require some extra work, but your savings will be impressive. If you use any of these techniques, you can get affordable care.

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