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How to Use an Anoro Inhaler: 7 Tips to Get Your Breath Back

Are you one of the 15.3 million Americans who have COPD? Then you’re probably familiar with its struggles, such as breathlessness and bronchospasm attacks.

If you’re tired of letting these COPD flare-ups take control of your life, then you’ll be pleased to know that there’s something you can do about it: get an Anoro Ellipta inhaler.

If you’re getting an Anoro Ellipta inhaler soon from your doctor but aren’t sure about how to use it, then keep reading. Here are 7 tips on how to get the most out of it.

1. Prepare Your Inhaler Correctly

When you first receive your Anoro Ellipta inhaler, you’ll see that there’s a dial on top. It should start out with the number 30; this is how many doses are contained within.

Whenever you open the inhaler, you’ll hear a clicking sound. This means it’s ready for you to inhale and the dial will decrease by one.

If you don’t hear a click and the dial stays at the same number, you’ll need to reach out to your pharmacist or doctor for further instructions.

2. Inhale in the Right Way

You may think that to use an inhaler, all you have to do is put your lips on the device, inhale, and you’re done. And if your only exposure to inhalers is through movies, then you might also think you need to shake it up before you use it.

All of the above are wrong though!

First of all, do not shake the Anoro inhaler; this is only necessary for certain types of inhalers, such as the albuterol rescue ones.

Also, you’ll need to completely exhale before you even put your lips to the inhaler. That way, you empty your lungs all the way and provide enough capacity to inhale the entire dose.

After exhaling, put the Anoro Ellipta to your lips, closing them firmly. Inhale only through your mouth, not through your nose. Make sure your fingers aren’t blocking the air vent on top of the inhaler.

Take the inhaler away from your mouth and hold your breath for about 5 seconds. Then slowly exhale again.

3. Never Close the Inhaler Without Inhaling

As we’ve said above, when you open the inhaler, it’ll make a clicking noise. If you close the inhaler without inhaling, the dose that’s in the inhaler will still be inside, but won’t be available for you to take anymore. This is to prevent you from accidentally taking 2 doses in 1.

Considering your medication isn’t cheap (even if you buy from an affordable online pharmacy), you don’t want to accidentally waste a dose. So make sure you only open the Anoro Ellipta when you’re ready to take your daily inhalation and don’t close the cover until you’re sure you’ve done it.

4. Properly Clean Your Inhaler

If you wish, you can clean the mouthpiece of your inhaler; you don’t have to.

However, if you do, make sure you do it properly. You should never dunk it in water nor put it under running water.

Instead, you should clean it off with either a dry cloth or tissue. Getting any moisture inside your inhaler may deteriorate the dosages inside.

5. Throw Away Inhalers Over 6 Weeks Old

Once you open the foil packet for your Anoro Ellipta inhaler, the countdown begins. The longer it’s out of the foil, the more ineffective it’ll be. This means every inhaler has a lifespan of 6 weeks.

So make sure you mark down when you open a new inhaler foil and if you haven’t reached “0” on the counter by week 6, you need to throw it out. Otherwise, you risk not getting a strong enough dose of your daily medication.

Make sure you also store your medication in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight. You should aim for between 68 to 77 degrees.

6. Remember to Use It Daily

The chemicals in your Anoro Ellipta inhaler work best when you remember to take it every single day, at the same time. If you accidentally skip any doses, then you should take it as soon as you remember.

That way, your body still receives the same dose it expected at around the normal time. This allows you to keep your airways both relaxed and expanded so you can keep breathing easy.

Do note that you shouldn’t take more than 1 inhalation per day. If you remember the next day, then just take your next dose as normal. You should never take 2 doses in 1 go either.

7. Get a Refill Early

Because you need to take Anoro Ellipta every day, it’s vital you remember to get refills before you completely run out of your current inhaler.

What’s great is the manufacturers have already designed a reminder into the inhaler. When you reach 9 days, each day will be marked in red as a way to remind you to get your refill ordered.

To be safe, you should get your extra Anoro Ellipta inhalers even earlier if possible. That way, if your supplier happens to run out or has shipping issues, you’ll still have at least one on hand way before you run out of doses.

Get Your Quality of Life Back With Anoro Ellipta

Living with COPD can be difficult, but it can definitely be manageable with Anoro Ellipta.

With our top tips on using your inhaler, you’ll regain your lung capacity in the best ways possible. As a result, you’ll be able to keep up with your loved ones and get back to doing the things you love doing once more.

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