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Is It True That Prescription Drugs Are Cheaper in Canada? (The Short Answer Is Yes!)

In the U.S., over 131 million people use prescription drugs. That’s about two-thirds of all adults in the country!

If you’re one of them, you might be wondering how you can save money on your prescription drugs. If you’re buying them in the U.S., chances are good you’re paying more than you need to. You might be surprised to learn that prescription drugs are actually cheaper in Canada!

Wondering why prescription drugs cost less in Canada, and whether you can get those savings when you live in the U.S.? Read on to learn how cheaper Canadian prescription drugs can benefit you!

The Prescription Drugs Definition

First, what are prescription drugs, anyway?

Prescription drugs, or prescription medications, are drugs that require a doctor’s prescription. These drugs can help treat mental and physical ailments beyond what an over-the-counter drug can do.

However, prescription medications must be taken as prescribed by a doctor in order to get these beneficial results. If you take them outside of a doctor’s recommendation, it becomes prescription drug abuse.

When taken according to a doctor’s orders, though, these medications can play a valuable role in your healthcare. However, the high prices of drugs may make it difficult for you to reap those benefits. Can ordering them from Canada help?

Why Prescription Drugs Cost Less in Canada

Buying prescription drugs in Canada costs much less than buying them in the U.S. This can help many people access the drugs they need. But why are Canadian drugs cheaper?

The answer lies in the healthcare systems of the two countries. The U.S. healthcare system is vastly different from the Canadian one, and one of the effects of this difference is higher drug prices. Let’s break down how each system differs.

Healthcare in the U.S.

The U.S. has a private, for-profit healthcare system. Each month, individuals pay a premium to their health insurance provider. The cost of coverage varies based on individual factors such as income and how much coverage is desired.

With so many small, for-profit insurance providers, each individual provider doesn’t have the power to control drug prices in any meaningful way. There’s no large entity putting pressure on drug companies to lower prices.

The closest thing to a government agency that could help control U.S. drug prices is Medicare. Medicare is the federal health insurance provider for anyone 65 or older, and for people with disabilities and certain health conditions. However, the law actually prevents Medicare from getting involved in drug price negotiations.

Instead, the small buying power of individual entities in the U.S. impacts drug prices. Insurance providers have different buying powers depending on how large they are, so they can set different rates for drugs. Larger entities can buy in bulk, locking in a slightly lower rate.

Healthcare in Canada

Canada’s healthcare system is public. This leads to lower drug prices because the government has enough power to help set affordable prices for drugs.

In Canada, if a drug manufacturer wants to put a new drug on the market, the government drug review agency won’t approve it unless the price is affordable. Once a drug is on the market, the same agency periodically checks the prices to make sure they stay reasonable.

If drug manufacturers can’t sell in Canada, they lose a huge source of business. This gives them an incentive to price drugs low enough that the drug review agency will approve them. The Canadian government is effectively a huge entity with incredible buying power, so it can keep drug prices low for citizens.

However, in the U.S., there’s no government agency with the power to pressure drug companies to lower prices. Since companies can get away with charging higher prices in the U.S., they do. This increases the drug companies’ profits but makes it difficult for ordinary people in the U.S. to buy the medicine they need.

In short, Canada’s simpler system, with only the government negotiating drug prices, results in lower prices since the government has higher buying power. In the U.S., each individual insurance agency negotiates drug prices but doesn’t have much buying power. This means drug companies can lock in higher prices.

Can You Order Drugs From Canada?

Massive changes to the U.S. healthcare system are the only thing that will help lower drug prices. Until that happens, what can you do if you’re struggling to afford your prescription drugs?

You actually don’t have to live in Canada or be a Canadian citizen to benefit from the country’s reasonable drug prices. Instead, you can order your prescription drugs online by finding a reliable Canadian online pharmacy.

It is very important to only buy drugs online from a reputable pharmacy. There are some entities that sell fake or contaminated drugs online. However, if you find a trusted Canadian pharmacy, there’s no reason not to save money by shopping for drugs on the internet.

As long as you have a valid prescription from your doctor, you’ll be able to order the drugs you need. If you’re not sure whether the online pharmacy is reliable, you can also check to see if it’s verified by This resource verifies valid online pharmacies so you can order medications with confidence.

If you’re having a hard time affording the prescription drugs you need, ordering them from Canada may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Ready to Shop for Prescription Drugs?

Ordering your prescription drugs from Canada is easier than you might expect. With your doctor’s prescription in hand, all you need to do is find a reliable online pharmacy to order from.

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