Aldara Cream (Imiquimod)

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Dosages Available

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Aldara Cream Information

Aldara or imiquimod is a cream for treating actinic keratosis. It is an immune response modifier that is applied to the scalp and face. It is also used to treat a minor skin cancer called superficial basal cell carcinoma as a substitute for surgery. Aldara is also prescribed for treatment of genital warts that appears on the outer side of the body. While it might clear the warts, it doesn’t kill the virus (HPV) that causes them to grow. Imiquimod can be used by kids who are at least twelve years old and adults.

How To Use

Normally, Aldara Cream is applied two to five times every week for sixteen weeks. However, the actual dosing schedule will depend upon the problem you are treating. If using it to treat actinic keratosis, then apply only two times a week for sixteen weeks. Apply just a thin layer of the medicine, rub it in until it disappears and wash your hands. It is usually advisable to use it prior to going to bed. Remove it after eight hours with water and mild soap.

For superficial basal cell carcinoma, apply aldara five times a week for six weeks. Apply a whole satchet both to the sick area and surrounding skin. Rub it in until you cannot see it anymore. Leave it overnight and clean the area in the morning.

As for genital warts, apply the cream three times a week for sixteen weeks. A whole packet of cream should be applied to the area affected by warts and rubbed in fully. Don’t cover or wear a nylon undergarment. Clean it after six to ten hours with water and mild soap. Ensure that the cream does not get inside your vagina, rectum or urethra as it can trigger severe side effects.

If your doctor sets appointments for you when using Aldara, make sure you attend to all.  Skip any missed dose and resume your normal schedule.

Side Effects

Aldara Cream can cause the following side effects:

  • Skin color changes where it’s applied
  • Dizziness, headache
  • Skin itching, dryness, flaking, crusting, reddening, hardening or scabbing
  • Backache, chest pain
  • Fever blisters or cold sores
  • Common cold symptoms
  • Nausea, lack of appetite
  • Vaginal discharge or itching

Report severe side effects like signs of allergic reaction, fever, chills, fatigue, swollen glands, urination difficulty or vaginal swelling.


Prior to using Aldara, ensure that you speak to the doctor about your health history. Let them know you have:

  • Skin problems like sunburns
  • A weakened immune system or an autoimmune disease
  • A recent case of genital warts or actinic keratosis that were treated with surgery or medicines
  • A recent bone marrow transplant or cord blood transplant
  • A current pregnancy, plan to conceive or a baby you are breastfeeding.


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