Dostinex (Cabergoline)

Rx Prescription Required

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Cabergoline (Generic)
Cabergoline (Generic)
Cabergoline (Generic)

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Dostinex is available cheaply on If you need it, call us on 1-800-828-4889 to submit your prescription document and place an order. You can also reach to us via our Canadian Pharmacy Online Chat feature as you can be able to speak live to a customer care agent. We would also ask you to read a How to Order guide on our website. The maximum amount that can be ordered is a three month supply of medication based on your prescription.

Dosages Available

We have a brand and a generic Dostinex medicine. Our brand medicine is manufactured by Pfizer Inc as a product of Turkey. The generic medicine, Cabergoline, is made by Sun Pharm. Ltd as a product of India. We provide Dostinex in two dosage strengths: 0.25mg and 0.5mg.

Dostinex Price

Dostinex is cheaply-priced at We sell our 8, 0.5mg brand tablets for $35. If you try to buy the same tablets at a local drugstore in the US, you will pay an average retail price of $238.39. Thus, you can save $203.39 and receive your package directly at your door. We will not charge any extra shipping fees and can save you from spending hours at your local drugstore. To discover more about us or speak to a customer care agent, call us on 1-800-828-4889.


Dostinex will be shipped directly from Mauritius or Turkey to the US in 10 to 18 business days. Once shipped, you will receive a message by email. There will be no shipping fees.

Dostinex information

Dostinex is a prescription medicine for treating hormonal imbalance. Where there is excess prolactin in your blood, also known as hyperprolactinemia, Dostinex can be prescribed.

How To Use

If you can take Dostinex safely, then follow every instruction provided by the doctor. Usually, Dostinex is taken twice every week for six months. It should never be taken every day unless the doctor has allowed this to happen. The prolactin levels in your blood must be tested regularly too. If you skip a dose, call your doctor at once. Note that Cabergoline can interact with other medicines resulting to a feeling of drowsiness. Thus, avoid using opioids or another sedative or muscle relaxer prior to asking your doctor for advice.strong>

Side Effects

Dostinex can cause these common side effects:

  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Tiredness
  • Weakness

If you notice severe side effects like shortness of breath, chest pain, lightheadedness, lower back or side pain, urination difficulty or swollen ankles or feet, call your doctor.


Dostinex should be taken only if it’s adequately safe. So, inform your physician about:

  • Untreated high blood pressure
  • Fibrosis(refers to a growth of excess tissue) in your lungs or around the stomach or heart
  • An allergy to any kind of ergot medicine, including ergotamine, methylergonovine or ergonovine and so on
  • A heart valve disorder
  • A liver disease
  • A heart disease
  • A high blood pressure issue triggered by pregnancy: eclampsia or preeclampsia
  • A pregnancy or a baby who is breastfeeding.


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