Inspra (Eplerenone)

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Eplerenone 50mg
UK Various Generics
Inspra 50mg
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Dosages Available

We have both the brand and generic options of the drug for sale on our website. The brand Inspra is made by Pfizer Inc. as a product of the United Kingdom, while the generic Inspra is manufactured by UK Various Generics as a product of the United Kingdom. The generic form is called Eplerenone. We offer two dosage strengths of the drug on our website, which are 25mg and 50mg.

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Inspra Information

Inspra is a prescription drug and its generic form is called Eplerenone. The drug is used for treating high blood pressure and can, therefore, treat the symptoms of heart failure.

How To Use

Inspra should be used according to the doctor's prescription since it is a prescription drug. The usual dose for heart attack, induced congestive heart failure is 25mg once daily for an adult. The doctor may, however, increase the dosage to 50mg daily. 50mg daily is usually used for treating high blood pressure in children older than 4b years of age, including teenagers and adults.

Side Effects

The following are the side effects associated with this product:

  • Cholesterol excess in the blood
  • Triglyceride excess in the blood

The side effects are not common but call for immediate medical attention.


When taking Inspra, you should avoid taking the following drugs:

  • Amiloride
  • Itraconazole
  • Nefazodone
  • Ketoconazole
  • Triamterene
  • Etc

You must discuss with your doctor before taking any other drug when taking Inspra. The drug can increase the potassium content of the blood also.


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