Nizoral Cream (Ketoconazole)

Rx Prescription Required

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Nizoral Cream 2%
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Nizoral Cream 2%
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To obtain Nizoral Cream at a low-cost price, check with If you have a valid prescription, call 1-800-828-4889 to submit it and place an order. As an alternative, you could click on our Canadian Pharmacy Online Chat feature to chat with a live customer care agent. Also, you can read a How to Order guide on our website to learn how we operate. The maximum amount that can be ordered is a three month supply of medication based on your prescription.

Dosages Available

Nizoral Cream is a brand medication only. It is manufactured by Janssen-Ortho as a product of India. We only have one dosage form, which is 2%.

Nizoral Cream Price

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Nizoral Cream will be shipped from Mauritius to the US in 10 to 18 business days. Once shipped, you will receive a message by email. No shipping fees will be charged.

Nizoral Cream Information

This is a prescription-only cream that is used to treat fungal infections affecting the skin. First see a doctor for diagnosis and use this cream if it is prescribed.

How To Use

It is important to use your ketoconazole cream the way the doctor wants. Don’t put it in your mouth, eyes or nose. It might cause a burning sensation. This is a skin-only product that should be used as prescribed. Clean the affected skin areas properly and dry well. Then, squeeze out a thin layer of cream on the affected skin area. Then rub it in gently until it penetrates. Don’t cover the treated skin with bandages unless your doctor asks you to. Don’t use ketoconazole cream on irritated or broken skin. If you miss a dose, use it the soonest possible.

Side Effects

Ketoconazole cream can cause the following side effects:

  • Signs of an allergy including rash, hives, difficulty breathing, blisters, wheezing and chest tightness among others
  • Burning sensation
  • Irritation may occur where Nizoral Cream is applied to.


Don’t use Nizoral Cream without being sure it is safe to use. Instead, tell the doctor about your other health issues. Let them know you have:

  • An allergy to ketoconazole or another ingredient of this medicine
  • An allergy to other things, including food and chemical substances, and the kind of signs you develop
  • Any other prescribed or non-prescribed medicines you are taking including supplements and vitamins
  • A pregnancy or a plan to get pregnant. No one knows if ketoconazole can affect a fetus
  • A breastfed baby as it is not clear whether ketoconazole can seep into breast milk and harm the child.


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