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Woof! A Pet Medications Price Comparison for Online Deals

In 2019, the veterinary care industry made over $29 billion dollars. Pet medications make up a large percentage of this sum, and prices are only continuing to rise.

Pet medications can cost thousands of dollars per year, at the most basic level. If your pet develops a disease, even in the short term, it will likely require costly medication. If a long-term illness comes into play, it can cost up to thousands of dollars per year.

Like with human medications, there are a few tricks to lowering the cost of pet medications. Shopping online for pet medications is the way of the future. It is cheaper, easier, and more convenient.

You order from the comfort of your own home, and the prescriptions ship for free right to your door. Plus, buying online provides the opportunity to shop around and compare pricing.

Keep reading to find out how you can save time and money on your cat or dog medications.

The High Cost of Prescription Medications

The rising costs of healthcare in the United States has become one of the biggest political issues to date. Many Americans are sick of paying large co-pays and prescription drug costs.

President Trump made this one of his talking points throughout his 2016 presidential campaign. He promised to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies.

While other countries make use of this, it was not permissible under US law.

Trump also discussed a plan to import prescription drugs from other countries. This would then lower drug costs, that can be passed onto the consumer. It would also incentivize American pharmaceutical companies to lower their prices, as well.

These talks again returned over the past few months, as Trump’s “America First Health Plan” officially allowed the importation of prescriptions from Canada.

With the age of the internet, it is easier now more than ever to compare prescription prices and alternatives.

There is a plethora of information available to make educated decisions regarding your health (and that of your pet’s). However, it is still a good idea to consult a vet before making any serious decisions for your animal.

How to Evaluate Prescription Medications Online

Before purchasing any medical supplies online, it is a good idea to consult with your vet. They are experts in what is best for your furry friend.

It is equally as important to be diligent and vigilant as an online shopper. Be sure to only order from trusted prescription sources. You want to be positive the drugs are safe, and not expired or counterfeit.

This is true whether it be prescription or over-the-counter drugs that do not need a script. Heartworm preventatives and NSAIDs (pain reliever and anti-inflammatory) are common examples.

These medications typically do not need a prescription. But, it is still smart to consult a vet for approval. Even when buying  legitimate dog or cat medications online, be sure to follow your vet’s directions.

The FDA also has resources regarding the safe purchase of prescription medications online.

Reducing the Cost of your Pet Medications

Unfortunately, prescription drug prices are only on the rise.

Purchasing pet insurance can help, with varying plans and what they will cover. Many pet owners find more success in purchasing these plans for younger pets.

These policies tend to cover emergencies, accidents, and unexpected illnesses. They may not cover preventative or routine care, despite how expensive these prescription prices can be.

This added cost is a necessary part of pet ownership. To reduce these costs, it can be beneficial to shop around for medication prices.

Although it may seem like the best bet to buy directly from the vet, this is not always the case. They mark up their drug prices quite a bit in order to make a profit and fund their practice.

It is certainly wise to rely on the vet’s office for recommendations on drug types and doses. But when it comes to actually acquiring the medications, it is better to look elsewhere.

Shopping online for pet prescriptions provides the easiest way to compare pricing. That said, consumers must be careful.

Pet pharmacies are not FDA-regulated. It is important to ensure you are purchasing legitimate and safe medications for your pet.

Generic vs. Brand Name

When shopping for prescriptions, there are usually many options for the same medication. One easy way to save money is to purchase generic drugs rather than the brand name option.

Brand name drugs are what you hear in the commercials. Pharmaceutical companies come up with the drug, go through research and development, and the FDA approval process. These processes cost millions of dollars and take many years.

Once approved, they spend even more money on marketing and advertising. These companies enjoy patents and exclusive sales rights to protect their investments. These protections cover the development phase and entry into the market.

After a period of time, these patents expire. Other companies are then permitted to enter the market with this medication.

Other pharmaceutical companies produce a generic version of this drug. It is essentially the same chemical compounds, manufactured in the same manner. It just does not carry the recognizable name.

There tends to be a stigma that generic drugs are less effective than the brand name. In reality, the FDA assesses generic drugs with the same standards for quality, strength, and purity as brand name drugs. In essence, they are typically the same medication without the cost of the brand name on the box.

On a rare occasion, the generic option may not be the same as the brand name. Newer medications that sill hold patents might be preventing a generic form from entering the market yet.

It is important to consult with your vet before making any pet medication decisions. Even if the vet does not recommend the generic, or if there isn’t one available, they may be able to recommend a cheaper alternative.

Ordering from Canadian Pharmacies

It’s no secret that Americans suffer from the high costs of healthcare. Prescription drugs are just one example of these high costs imposed on the consumer. It is no different when it comes to pet medications.

Luckily, it is legal and permissible to order medication from Canadian pharmacies. Submitting your pet’s prescription and purchasing prescriptions online is quick and easy. You can order in bulk, and have it delivered right to your door.

Plus, it saves the time of having to drive to a vet’s office or pharmacy to pick up prescriptions. Especially given COVID-19 concerns, any less trip to the pharmacy, or waiting in line, the better.

Common Pet Medications

90-Day Meds carries common pet medications you might find your pet in need of.

The easy-to-use website allows you to search for each product, stating if a prescription is required. The tool provides each medication’s brand name, generic name, and recommended use. It also provides side effects and precautions.

Some of the most common pet medications available for purchase include:

  • Heartgard (brand name)/Ivermectin (generic) – heartworm preventative
  • Frontline Plus (brand name)/Fipronil (generic) – flea preventative
  • Rimadyl (brand name)/Carprofen (generic) – NSAIDs to treat pain, fever, inflammation
  • Amoxicillin (generic) – treats bacterial infections
  • Sentinel Spectrum (brand name) – treats worms in dogs
  • Flagyl (brand name)/Metronidazole (generic) – treats Giardia infections

How You Can Benefit From Ordering Canadian Prescriptions

Americans are sick of paying large copays and medication costs, on top of insurance premiums. There are many benefits to using lower drug costs in Canada to buy dog medication online, and for other animals as well.

Ordering from Canadian pharmacies provides a cheaper option. Dog and cat medications can ship right to your door, requiring less time and effort on your part.

Plus, with trusted sources like 90-Day Meds, you never have to worry about quality. Affiliated licensed pharmacies process all orders. This way, quality and authenticity is never a question.

How Do I Order Canadian Pet Medications? 

With a history of many satisfied customers, 90-Day Meds makes the process simple and easy. Submit your order online by following these steps:

  1. Add the medication your pet needs into your cart
  2. Confirm your billing and shipping information
  3. Submit a valid prescription from a licensed vet by uploading to your customer profile, or by scanning and emailing the file
  4. 90-Day Meds pharmacists will review the prescription, and consult pet medical history
  5. Once the prescription is confirmed, your payment will be processed
  6. Medications are shipped for free, directly to your address

Online ordering is the quickest and easiest method for processing prescriptions. For those who are unable to use the internet to order, there are other options.

You can call and speak to a patient care specialist to place your order. This makes it simple and hassle-free to order the medications your pet needs.

You can also order by mail, though it is the slowest option. To order this way, download and print the order form. Be sure to fill out all the necessary information, and mail it in with an attached prescription. This option usually takes 7-18 days for the pharmacy to receive your information.

From there, 90-Day Meds’ trusted pharmacists will verify the prescription. Once they ensure the medication is available, they will process your order and mail it directly.

How Do I Know It Is Legitimate?

There are many online prescription providers out there–and not all of them are safe. It is critical that you order only from trusted sources.

With 90-Day Meds, the medications are guaranteed by various trusted pharmaceutical partners. Quality and authenticity are guaranteed, so there is no need to worry about safety or effectiveness.

It is important to ensure your pet’s health is protected as well as your financial information. There are shady online pharmacies out there, with little regulation following them. Protecting yourself and your pet is of utmost importance.

Luckily, ordering Canadian pet medications from a trusted source is possible with 90-Day Meds.

This service is safe and secure, boasting the Norton Shopping Guarantee. This includes identity theft protection, purchase guarantee, and the lowest price guarantee.

All transactions are encrypted. This protects your pet’s patient information and your personal/payment information. You can be confident in both your pet’s medications, as well as the safety of the service.

Check Out Discounted Canadian Medications For Your Pet

Whether it be routine medication or for long-term illnesses, it’s important to provide the best for your furry friend. Unfortunately, medications for pets can often be quite costly.

One easy solution is ordering pet medications online from a trusted Canadian pharmacy. While they are safe and genuine, they are discounted and ship for free, right to your door. They can be ordered in bulk at a 90-day supply to make it as simple as possible.

Contact 90-Day Meds today to see how much you can save on your pet’s prescriptions!

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