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You’ve Got Mail: How to Get a Mail Order Prescription From Canada

Dealing with medications often isn’t the highlight of your day. Remembering to take them is one thing, but getting them and paying to them is another layer of frustration.

For many in the US, prescription medications are expensive. The price can become debilitating for many low-income families and not taking these medications often leads to major issues or even death.

The alternative saving grace often becomes importing medications from other countries, such as Canada. With this, a mail order prescription is a key tool for getting your medicine without breaking the bank.

How does it all work? Let’s dig in.

The Basics of Mail Order Prescription

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to getting your prescription drugs from across the border. There are FDA guidelines, potential legal issues, uncertain drug qualities, and more.

First, though, let’s break down what a mail order prescription is and how you can go about getting one. The process can be easy once you’ve found a reliable pharmacy to work through.

1. Long-Term Prescriptions are Easiest

There is a loss of speed for most online pharmacies over brick and mortar pharmacies. There is the added time it takes to receive the prescription itself and of course, mailing the prescription will be longer than picking it up.

This is why long-term prescriptions are easier. Shipping can take a few weeks even ignoring potential delays at customs. If you need the prescriptions as soon as possible, consider getting your first supply from a local pharmacy.

Once you have everything set up, though, a recurring prescription will do well. You can resupply with plenty of time to sit through the long wait.

2. Understanding the Process

The process itself is simple and you can do it online or over the phone. We’ll break it down here into 3 easy steps.

First, shop around the website of the online pharmacy. Most will have a list of available medications or even a search formula to help you find the prescription you need. Assuming it is available, on to step two.

Second, you will need to upload your information. This includes your prescription but may also include personal information and your doctor’s information.

Third, once you have your medications selected and all the forms submitted, you can place your order. Payment and final shipping information will be the last step.

There are many more details lurking in this process, so when in doubt, check out an FAQ for the online pharmacy.

3. Benefits of Mail Order Prescriptions

With all of this in mind, why turn to mail order prescriptions? The benefits seem simple but their impact can be massive.

The convenience of being able to order form home is nice. You never have to leave your house for pickup can save a lot of trouble if you don’t have reliable transportation.

Online pharmacies also can give a number of nice perks. You can get emails to remind you to refill on time. Some online pharmacies offer tracking to keep an eye on your prescriptions while they ship. Some even offer educational tips for your medical needs.

The biggest benefit, though, is cost. Though you pay a bit extra for shipping, getting prescription drugs from countries like Canada is huge.

Canada and other countries outside the US have prescription drug caps, stopping pharmaceutical companies from ridiculous price gouging.

The Legal Confusion

Now that all the basics are out of the way, let’s go over any legal issues. There are a lot of complications because the laws of the United States have been vague and lenient on a lot of issues.

The overall idea is that while importing prescription drugs ranges from illegal to frowned upon, the enforcement of any of these laws is weak at best.

1. FDA Restrictions and Guidelines

The formal restriction on imported drugs by the FDA is that you should avoid the process for most drugs. The laws hold a handful of exceptions, vague wording, and uncertain qualifications.

That makes it confusing to understand, so what should you know?

Importing drugs does have a potential danger to it. You could, by word of law, face charges for importing prescription drugs.

The chances of this happening are almost non-existent, as enforcement would then need to arrest several governmental branches for doing similar actions. The FDA does reserve the right to check and seize any potential problem items at the border, though.

2. Law Changes

In the face of ever-rising prescription drug costs, the US Congress has made several moves to allow limited importation of prescription drugs. These laws aim to combat drug costs for citizens.

All of the laws so far have either been specific or are simple lifting of restrictions in limited areas.

The Dangers of Counterfeit or Contaminated Medications

Now, with all the benefits to online pharmacies, the biggest reason for all the legal issues comes from potential dangers. Pharmacies outside the US aren’t vetted and checked by the FDA, so what you get may not be what you need.

That means that there is a lot of rogue operations and dangerous alternatives lurking around outside the official market.

When dealing with anything not in the US, you need to take precautions. The good news is that there are ways to check for valid online pharmacies.

1. Double Check Their License

Official pharmacies can vet their license and authenticity with certain online organizations. The Canadian International Pharmacy Association is a great and easy way to double-check a site’s validity. is another alternative that vets online pharmacies around the world.

2. Make Sure They Require an Official Prescription

Another easy sign to see how valid and viable an online pharmacy will be is to go over their requirements.

If an online pharmacy does not require prescriptions or any doctor validation on your end, the chances of it being a scam are high.

Most doctor’s offices will have several known rogue pharmacies on a blacklist to avoid stealing patient’s information. Check with your doctor for guidance.

The Medicine You Need at the Prices You Deserve

A mail order prescription could be the method that saves you from serious debt and financial hardship from your needed medications. While the legal complications can be worrisome, rest assured that you are in safe hands.

We here at 90-Day Meds are happy to walk you through the process and help clear any other worries you may have. We have a wide host of prescriptions and can help you get the medicine you need. Contact us today for more information!