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Everything You Need to Know About Ordering Pet Meds Online

Let’s face it: pet ownership is expensive. You want the best for your furry friends, but between food, toys, treats, beds, grooming, little dog sweaters, and vet visits, it all starts to add up.

In fact, the American Pet Products Association estimates that dog owners spend an average of $1,152/year and cat owners spend $908/year across multiple categories. They also stress that these numbers should not be considered comprehensive, as some spending fell into an unreported “other” category. So, pet owners are likely spending much more than this each year.

One area where you can save some money on pet care is buying your pet’s medication. Buying pet meds online is significantly cheaper than buying them directly from your vet. That leaves you with more energy to spend having fun with your pets instead of worrying about them.

But how can you be sure your pet is getting the best treatment when you order pet meds online? Read on for a comprehensive guide to saving money and getting quality pet medication online.

Why Are Pet Meds So Expensive at the Vet?

If you’ve ever bought your pet’s medication directly from your veterinarian’s office, you know how expensive it can be. Unfortunately, in the United States, even veterinary care is not safe from prescription drug markups.

Healthcare is a major industry in the United States, and that includes veterinary healthcare. The pet industry made $29.3 billion on veterinary care and associated products, including prescription medication, in 2019.

Veterinarians frequently mark up the prices of prescription pet meds 100% to 160%. This means more profit for your vet, but more financial burden for you.

Pet insurance may help cover some of these costs, but it is far from a perfect solution. It is nearly impossible to get pet insurance for a pet who already has a chronic condition. There are also many conditions and treatments that pet insurance will not cover.

The US government has proposed legislation that would require your vet to give you a written prescription every time they prescribe medication to your pet. The American Veterinary Medical Association, unsurprisingly, opposes this bid for greater transparency and affordability for pet owners.

Veterinary care should be about keeping animals healthy. Making it difficult or impossible for pet owners to afford potentially life-saving medication does not serve that purpose.

If your vet is unwilling to provide you with a written prescription so that you can find your pet’s medication at an affordable rate, you should find a new vet. Your current vet may view your pet more as a source of potential revenue than as a valuable life in need of care and medical treatment.

Why You Might Want to Buy Pet Meds Online

If pet meds are so expensive at the vet, you may be wondering where you can find the same meds for cheaper. Pharmacies that sell cheap pet meds online are a great place to start.

The nature of online pharmacies means that they are buying medication wholesale and selling it directly to you. Veterinarians are an additional step in this supply chain. They have to mark up the price more than online pharmacies do in to make a profit.

Ordering from an online pharmacy located in Canada, like 90-Day Meds, allows you to avoid the United States’ unregulated health care and prescription medication market. In Canada, government regulation helps keep prescription medication prices lower, including pet medication prices.

Typically, you have to be a Canadian citizen, or at the very least living in Canada, to benefit from these lower prescription med prices. Thankfully, the internet allows you to benefit from these lower prices even though you don’t live in Canada.

What Kinds of Pet Meds to Buy Online

You can buy any of your pet’s meds online as long as you have a prescription from your veterinarian. Remember: if your vet won’t give you a written prescription to buy your pet’s meds elsewhere, they likely care more about filling their pockets than keeping your pet healthy.

Some of the most common types of pet meds to buy online are those your pet takes for preventive care. Encompassing everything from flea and tick prevention to dental care, preventive care is one of the most important (and costly) things you can do for your pet.

Most dogs, and cats that go outside or live with a dog, need flea and tick prevention. Frontline Plus is one of the most respected names on the market, and you can buy it cheaper online from 90-Day Meds.

Prescription flea and tick medications are both more effective and more expensive than over-the-counter meds. Buying pet meds online is a great way to save on costs without sacrificing quality.

Another important preventive medication dogs need is a drug to prevent heartworm. Heartgard Plus is the industry standard, and another medication you can buy in brand-name or generic versions through 90-Day Meds. Heartgard Plus can also protect your dog from other types of parasites, such as hookworms and roundworms.

You can also buy meds to treat your pet’s specific conditions online. Make sure you are coordinating with your vet to get the right dosage.

Buying Brand Name vs. Generic Pet Meds Online

Another way to save money on your pet’s medication is to buy the generic version rather than the brand name. There are a few things you should look out for if you decide to choose generic over brand name.

First, you’ll want to compare the ingredients lists of both versions of the medication. The generic does not have to match the brand name exactly. In fact, it almost definitely won’t.

You should think twice about buying generic meds if the amount of the active ingredient is significantly different, or if they contain an ingredient your pet is allergic to. Otherwise, slight variations in ingredients are to be expected.

Another thing you should consider before choosing to buy generic pet meds online is the frequency of dosage. Often, generic pet meds have a lower concentration of the active ingredient or a shorter-lasting formula. This means you must administer the medication to your pet more often.

Depending on how calm your pet is at medication time, this could be no big deal or mean extra half-hour snarling, scratching, crying sessions that are stressful for everyone involved.

Ultimately, choosing whether to buy generic or brand name pet meds is something you have to do on a case-by-case basis. Online pet pharmacies frequently offer both options.

How to Make Sure Online Pharmacies Are Safe

If you’ve never ordered pet meds online before, you might be unsure how to make sure the site your ordering from is legitimate. Luckily, there are many ways to check the legitimacy of the online pet pharmacy you choose to use.

A tried and true method for any kind of online shopping, you should always check customer reviews. 90-Day Meds has overwhelmingly positive reviews, so you can be sure that other pet owners are satisfied.

You should also make sure that any pharmacy you order from requires a prescription. Online pet pharmacies that require a veterinarian’s prescription are usually working with certified, regulated pharmacists. Online pharmacies that do not require a prescription are operating in a legal grey area and are likely not working licensed pharmacists.

At 90-Day Meds, your pharmacist will review your pet’s medical history along with the prescription your vet has written. This extra level of concern and attention ensures your pet is getting the best care and consideration.

You should also make sure that it is easy to contact the pharmacy’s customer service, just in case. The pharmacy’s website should have an easy to locate phone number and email.

24/7 live chat, like the one 90-Day Meds offers, is an added customer service confidence boost.

You will want to make sure, as any time you shop online, that your data (and your pet’s data) is safe. An easy to locate privacy policy is important.

Secure transactions are vital as well. 90-Day Meds provides 256-bit SSL encryption and the Norton Shopping Guarantee, so you can be sure your data is safe.

Provided you look out for all of these safety features in an online pharmacy, you can rest assured you are saving money and getting the same great medication for your pet.

How to Order Pet Meds Online

Once you’ve decided to order your pet’s medication online, there are a couple different methods you can use. 90-Day Meds allows you to order online, by phone, or by mail.

To order online, you simply need to create an account and upload, fax, or email your pet’s prescription.

If you order over the phone, the customer service team will walk you through the entire ordering process.

If you choose to order by mail, you simply have to download and print the order form and mail it in along with your pet’s prescription. If you are for any reason still wary of giving out your information online, ordering by mail is the most secure option.

This variety of ways to order allows you to choose what works best for you and your pet.

Additional Considerations

When you order pet meds online, there are a couple other things you should keep in mind.

Part of the reason online pet meds are cheaper than the ones you can order from the vet is that they are sourced from countries like Canada where governments regulate the prescription drug industry and its pricing more.

This means that your pet’s doses will be measured using the metric system rather than the imperial system that is the standard in the United States. This means that liquid medication will be measured in milliliters rather than ounces. Make sure to double-check conversions so that you are giving your pet the right amount of their medication.

You should also make sure to order with plenty of time to spare. The medication is shipped across borders and must pass travel a good distance and pass through customs. 90-Day Meds suggests you allow for seven to eighteen business days from the time of order to the time the medication arrives at your door.

If your pet needs a new medication urgently, you should buy the first prescription fill from the vet. That way, your pet can start taking the meds immediately.

You can order any subsequent refills online in order to save money. You should order the refill shortly after you get the first round of your pet’s medication to make sure there is no lapse in treatment.

Online Pet Meds For All

There is no need to pay the expensive, marked-up prices veterinarian’s offices charge for pet medication. To make sure your pet receives the best care without you needing to make unnecessary sacrifices, ordering cheap pet meds online is a great way to cut costs. You will get the same, quality medication at a much more affordable price.

Contact us to buy pet meds online today or learn more about how our process works. You and your pet deserve fair prices for your pet’s medication.

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