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How Much Does Premarin Cost?

Did you know that approximately 1.3 million women enter menopause annually? The average age in the United States is 51. Yet, nearly 5% of women start menopause between 40 and 45. 

Have you heard about Premarin? If you are close to entering menopause, you may be worried about the myriad of negative symptoms that follow. Additionally, menopause places you at a greater risk for developing osteoporosis and cardiac diseases.

Premarin is a medication that can help. Luckily, we have put together a complete guide on what Premarin is, how it works, what the studies show, and lastly, how you can save money on your next prescription.

Keep reading on for more information!

What Is Premarin?

Premarin is a prescribed medication available topically and orally. It falls under the classification of conjugated estrogens, which combines different estrogen hormones to treat menopausal symptoms. Other uses of Premarin include:

  • Prevent osteoporosis
  • Ovarian failure
  • Other causes that result in a lack of estrogen production

Premarin is not meant for use in pregnant women and can increase your risk for specific uterine cancers. 

How Do You Take Premarin?

Ultimately, you should follow the prescription guidelines outlined by your physician. Unlike other prescription medications, Premarin does not always need to be taken daily. 

In specific medical conditions, you can plan Premarin around menstrual cycles with a week off. The vaginal cream option will be used slightly differently. 

The prescription will come with a vaginal applicator that is used intravaginal. It is also a daily-use prescription with one week off during your menstrual cycle. Ensure you clean the applicator thoroughly between uses. 

Premarin Side Effects

The biggest risks with Premarin are breast cancer, uterine cancer, and ovarian cancer. These are rarer instances, but you should perform regular breast cancer inspections and annual physicals.

Here are some common Premarin side effects:

  • Swelling
  • Hair loss
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Back pain
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Vaginal discharge

Since your risk for heart attack symptoms increases, avoid smoking while taking Premarin. Additionally, you should avoid any grapefruit products since they can enhance adverse side effects. 

What Do the Studies Show?

Estrogen therapy has a myriad of well-studied benefits, such as:

  • Proliferating endometrial cells
  • Contraception
  • Supporting vaginal lining
  • Preventing osteoporosis
  • Decreasing LDL cholesterol levels

Studies show that women who initiate estrogen therapy at the start of menopause have a reduced risk for coronary artery disease and osteoporosis. The participants also reported improvements in quality of life. 

Estrogen and hormone replacement therapy has been the headlines of controversy throughout the years. Initial studies by the Women’s Health Initiative showed increased breast cancer risks and coronary artery diseases, but these findings were later disputed. 

Ultimately, research has proven that estrogen therapy can be a beneficial treatment for women who enter menopause. You should never increase or alter your dosage without consulting your physician first, and always schedule annual physical and wellness checks.

Is There a Premarin Prescription Alternative?

If you are interested in another prescription medication other than Premarin, you could ask your doctor about:

  • Duavee
  • Prempro

Duavee is a prescription drug that combines conjugated estrogen and bazedoxifene. If you have an increased risk for cancer, this may be a better alternative.

Bazedoxifene blocks the estrogen hormone from reaching the uterine lining. On Canadian Pharmacy Online, you can purchase Duavee for $161. This price will save you approximately $51 shopping through U.S. pharmacies. 

Prempro combines conjugated estrogen and medroxyprogesterone acetate. Like Premarin, there is not a generic option available, but it may be a good alternative if you don’t respond well to Premarin.

If you order Prempro through an online pharmacy, it will cost $105 for 84 tablets. U.S. prices are more than double Canadian prescription prices. 

What Does Premarin Cost?

You can save money and get medications delivered right to your doorstep by choosing Canadian Pharmacy Online. There are two Premarin options you will pick from:

  • Tablets
  • Cream

On Canadian Pharmacy Online, Premarin costs $55 for an 84 tablet supply. Compared to U.S. prices, it will save you nearly $719!

Unfortunately, Premarin is not available for generic prescriptions right now. The lack of federal regulation on prescription brand-name drugs is primarily to blame for skyrocketing pharmaceuticals in the U.S.

Buying in bulk and through an online pharmacy are two ways to save money. 

Premarin vaginal cream is also at a low price of $70 for a 30 g tube. Prices in the U.S. for a similar dosage will be closer to $482.

Will Insurance Cover Premarin Prescription Costs?

In the U.S., your insurance could cover part of Premarin’s cost. Since prices are significantly higher, you will likely still have a deductible that must be met or a copay. 

Discounts and online rebates are other options you can check into. However, the benefit of purchasing through a Canadian pharmacy is you have different price caps and regulations

Canada compares their pharmaceuticals against other countries (excluding the United States) and regulates its prices from there. It will be challenging for you to find competing prices against those rates. 

Save Money on Your Premarin Prescription

Have you wondered if Premarin is suitable for you? As a conjugated estrogen treatment, it comes in two different forms, making it an excellent option for those who want to avoid taking a pill every day. 

Yet, high prices on pharmaceuticals in the United States may deter you. As a brand-name prescription, Premarin is often priced much higher than generic versions, limiting your cost savings. 

At Canadian Pharmacy Online, we simplify the process. Simply upload your prescription, and we will deliver the medication right to your doorstep at a fraction of the cost. Visit our site to get started!