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How to Find a Safe Online Pharmacy

Mail-order medication provides plenty of benefits to Canadian patients.

But while that’s true, there are many fake online pharmacies that do more harm than good.

That’s why it’s important that all patients understand how to find a safe online pharmacy. Doing so can help you continue treatment with greater convenience, if not prevent your medical condition from worsening.

But how do you know what a fake pharmacy looks like? How can you verify that a pharmacy is legitimate?

Keep reading to learn more. We’ll let you know how to find a safe online pharmacy, how to avoid a fake one, and why it’s crucial that you do both.

Fake Pharmacy Red Flags

When you buy medicine online, safety and legality are key. Multiple parties involved, including you, can get in huge trouble. Not only that, but you could ingest substances that at the very least stunt treatment, or at worst make symptoms worse.

They might even steal your personal identification and bank information. That’s why it’s crucial that you double-check the authenticity of the pharmacy that you’re buying from. Some red flags that indicate a fake pharmacy will be listed below.

Lack of Requirement for a Prescription

If you need prescription medicine, then it’s the pharmacy’s responsibility to check all patients’ prescriptions before providing them. A pharmacy that skirts the legality of checking prescriptions also probably evades the responsibility of ensuring that the medication they provide is safe. 

Worldwide Shipping

Every country has its own regulations when it comes to prescription medicine. For that reason, you should be very skeptical of online pharmacies that claim international shipping. Besides the fact that they probably also come saddled with other red flags, it’s rare to come across a legitimate online pharmacy that can also ship internationally.

If you are in a different country and need a prescription, contact a local physician for your medicine instead. Although you’re a citizen of another country, you must abide by the laws and regulations of your area.

Not Local to Canada

The rule for obtaining prescriptions locally also applies to your home country. So if the online pharmacy you’re considering isn’t a Canadian pharmacy, move on to other options. Even if it’s legitimate, it won’t ship to Canada.

“Miracle Cure” Marketing

Illegitimate pharmacies prey on unknowing patients. That’s why they’ll market a “miracle cure” drug that you haven’t seen anywhere else for an illness that’s difficult to treat.

These medications will not be what they claim they are. Most likely, nothing will show up at your door at all. So please do not get duped by pharmacies who want to exploit patients’ desperation financially.

Unrealistically Low Prices

If the pharmacy you’re looking at lists your medication for a price that’s much lower than it’s usually sold for, steer clear. These pharmacies might pocket just a fraction of the funds that you’d usually pay for on a legitimate prescription, but you won’t get what you asked for in return.

How to Find a Safe Online Pharmacy

Besides ensuring that the pharmacy you’re considering isn’t a blatant scam, how do you ensure that your prospective pharmacy is safe to buy medication from? There are two main ways to do that.

Provincial/Territory Verification

NAPRA verification requires two main steps. This is the more detailed approach, and can also give you a more intimate insight into a pharmacy’s profile of authenticity.

1. Collect Information on the Pharmacy

There are a few pieces of information you need to collect from the pharmacy to verify its legitimacy. First, you must check for a brick-and-mortar address. Having no physical location is also a huge red flag that a pharmacy may be illegitimate.

But besides that, you must collect the business’s license number and the name of the College that provided the license. You must also collect the phone number and email address.

2. Checking in With Authorities

After you’ve collected this information, visit the website of the province/territory that the pharmacy claimed to have gotten their license from. You will then provide the information you’ve collected to see whether it all points to a legitimate pharmacy.

Domain Name Verification

Another and simpler way to verify an online pharmacy’s validity is to simply use the Pharmacy Verified Websites Program’s website. From there, the site will let you know immediately whether a site is trustworthy.

What to Do if a Pharmacy is Illegitimate

Of course, you understand to not purchase medication from an illegitimate pharmacy. But what do you do when you know that this business can harm other naive patients? After all, not everyone will have your knowledge.

If you know that the pharmacy in question is not legitimate, then it’s best to report it to The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. This organization’s goal is to prevent illegal sites from conducting unlawful operations. By doing so, you can prevent many other vulnerable patients from falling victim to this facility’s scam.

Shop at a Safe Online Pharmacy

When it comes to your health, don’t take any chances. There are plenty of people out there who will try to take advantage of patients’ desire to get better to fill their own pockets. Don’t let them do the same to you!

At 90-Day Meds, we understand how crucial quality and legitimate medication is. That’s why we offer savings up to 90% off of medication when bought in 90-day quantities. So if you’re interested in saving money while receiving your treatment, order your medication from us today!

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