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Why to Consider Mail Order Prescriptions During COVID-19

Accessing affordable medication is a growing problem for consumers. The coronavirus outbreak has only made this challenge more difficult for many Americans.

Too many consumers in the United States face the burden of rising prescription costs. They’re looking for ways to save money when they buy needed medications.

Many turn to Canadian mail order discount prescription drugs. There, the government has established restrictions.

Retailers can only charge people so much for medications. In Toronto, for instance, you will pay half as much as you would in Rochester, which is right across Lake Ontario.

To learn why you should consider mail order prescriptions during COVID-19, continue reading.

Americans Need Access to Medication

90% of American adults worry that drug prices will rise in the face of COVID-19, according to a recent Gallup poll. They believe that the pharmaceutical industry will take advantage of the pandemic.

Resultantly, many consumers support the idea of government intervention with US drug manufacturers. Eventually, drug companies will come up with a cure for the pandemic. When that day comes, many believe that the government should negotiate the price.

Not surprisingly, this sentiment wanes as consumer income increases. The people who worry over high drug prices have the lowest incomes. Many of them must purchase mail order prescriptions without insurance.

Rising drug costs and the emergence of COVID-19 has created a dilemma for many Americans. They’re struggling to access needed medications. For example, some people who think they have the virus avoid treatment because of the perceived costs.

Each year, consumers report that the cost of their prescription drugs is on the rise. According to the poll, only a third of consumers think the government is making progress.  They want legislators to address rising prescription drug costs.

Meanwhile, over 20% of respondents reported having trouble paying for a prescription. Resultantly, many Americans turn to a prescription mail order service.

Getting Meds During COVID-19

The US government allows the importation of some medications from Canada. They outline the circumstances that will enable importation. The Secretary of the Department of Human and Health Services (HHS) must approve a drug. Then, it’s cleared for sale across the United States borders.

The Secretary has yet to approve a single medication for importation from Canada. Meanwhile, federal and state regulators work to compel their peers to allow importation.

There’s a good reason why a growing number of regulators support the import of medicine. United States consumers pay more for medication compared to other nations. On average, for instance, consumers in Canada pay 70% less for drugs compared to Americans.

Mail Order Prescriptions From Canada

The US government is working to lower the cost of prescriptions. That work has not moved beyond the concept phase.

Meanwhile, Americans continue to buy medication from mail order prescription drug companies.  This method is the only way that they can afford needed treatment.

Sales of drugs from other countries is an everyday occurrence in America. Many consumers buy medications from other countries for a fraction of what it will cost for them to buy locally.

Buying from an online retailer is the only way that many people can afford to maintain their health. For some people, buying prescriptions online means the difference between life and death.

Every year, millions of people purchase prescriptions online to save money. In many cases, however, they purchase their medication online because it’s the only way to get the drugs that they need.

For example, many consumers who can’t afford insulin in the United States will buy their medication online. People who physicians have diagnosed with diabetes cannot do without insulin. Purchasing medicines from an online store is the only way for them to survive.

If you purchase your medication online, the good news is that it’s highly unlikely that the law will intervene. Officially, it’s illegal to import drugs into the United States.

However, the federal government has made provisions that allow people to import medication solely for personal use. Also, the drug cannot present an unreasonable risk to consumers.

The federal government considers a 90-day supply of medication sufficient for personal use. Purchasing a larger amount is illegal, as outlined by federal law.

Even if you were to cross the border and purchase more than the legal amount of medication, the government still practices leniency. It’s more likely that a customs agent will confiscate the supply, rather than place you under arrest.

Finding a Mail Order Pharmacy That You Can Trust

Some mail order pharmacies sell generic medications to lower costs for consumers. Others buy direct from manufacturers so that they can offer lower prices.

Many online retailers can offer drugs for lower prices because they don’t operate physical locations. For instance, in some cases, you can purchase a 90-day supply of medicine for diabetes, blood pressure or mental health for as little as $10.

Online pharmacies are a convenient and cost-effective way to access medication. However, as with all things, there are good and bad apples. Accordingly, you must buy your medicines from a trusted source.

Some unscrupulous retailers sell fake or outdated medication. Resultantly, it’s important to research a retailer before you purchase drugs online.

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