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How to Save Money On Prescriptions

People in the United States spend more on prescription medication than anyone else in the world. The average cost of prescriptions is about $1,200 per person each year. Although prescription medication can be expensive, it is often necessary to maintain your health. 

Luckily, there are a few ways that you can start saving money when you buy prescriptions! Do you want to learn more about lowering the cost of your prescriptions? 

Keep reading this guide for the top ways you can save money on prescriptions!

Learn What Your Insurance Covers

Learning what medications your insurance covers is one of the first things you must do when trying to save money on medication. Every insurance provider should offer a drug formulary. This is a list of all the medications that the company will cover. 

While this list may have a lot of information on it, it will help you choose medications that your insurance company will cover. You can bring this list with you to your doctor to ensure that they prescribe a medication that is on the list. 

This way, you will never have to pay the full, out-of-pocket costs when you buy medication that is not covered on your insurance plan. 

Consider Different Coverage Options

Sometimes, you may require specific types of medication that are not covered by your insurer. In these cases, you may also want to consider getting different coverage.

This way, you can get better coverage that provides extra help for your medical costs and prescription medications. 

This may be able to help you save money in the long run. Still, you should compare the costs of your current plan and how much you pay for medications with the cost of other plans you are interested in. 

If you will save enough money, you can swap your insurance coverage to a different plan. 

Compare Copay to Out of Pocket Costs

When you buy prescription medications, your insurance may not provide the least expensive option. Because of this, you should always compare your copay costs to the out-of-pocket costs for medication. 

For example, you may always have a $15 copay for medications. However, a generic version of your medication may only cost $10. 

By learning more about both of these costs, you can get the best deal on your medication and only use your insurance when it will actually benefit you. 

Compare Prices Between Pharmacies

Many people who don’t have insurance coverage still need help finding less expensive options for their prescription medications. In this case, one of the easiest things you can do is compare the prices between different pharmacies. 

Different pharmacies have different prices for the same medications. This is because pharmaceutical manufacturers will charge them different amounts and some pharmacies will be able to negotiate lower prices. 

Because of this, the price for a certain prescription medication may be a lot more expensive at one pharmacy than another in the same town. 

Before getting your prescription filled, you can call ahead and ask the pharmacy for their pricing for the specific medication that you need. You can get pricing estimates from several pharmacies so you can shop around for the best price. 

Larger chain stores will also typically offer lower prices or more generic versions for name-brand medications. 

Find an Online Pharmacy

Something else that can help you save money when you are buying prescription medication is finding an online pharmacy. Often, online pharmacies can offer more competitive pricing for the same medications offered in your local pharmacy. 

Plus, online pharmacies make it easy to compare the cost of several different medications across different pharmacies. This way, you can get the lowest price for your medication. 

You can search for specific medications online and find name-brand and generic prescriptions at the lowest prices. 

Still, you must be careful when you are looking for an online pharmacy. If you don’t shop at a verified online pharmacy, you may not be getting reliable medication. Make sure you find a pharmacy that requires a prescription and offers verification that they follow the current laws and standards. 

You can make sure an online pharmacy is part of the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites program, also known as VIPPS. A VIPPS seal will make sure they are a reliable company. 

This will ensure that you always get high-quality prescription medication from online services!

Look for Coupons

Finding coupons for prescriptions is another way that you can save money on your medications. While it is beneficial to find pharmacies that offer the lowest pricing, many other pharmacies will offer additional Rx coupons to save even more on name-brand prescriptions. 

Other third-party websites offer coupons that help you find the best pricing for your prescriptions. These websites may even help you compare prices between different pharmacies to find the lowest rates possible. 

You may even be able to apply for a pharmacy savings card or a membership rewards card to help you save money on the prescriptions that you regularly buy. 

Choose Generic Medications

Something that will almost always save you money on your prescriptions is using a generic medication over a name-brand drug. A generic medication is a very similar prescription with the same active ingredients but is less expensive than name-brand medicine. 

This makes it easy to receive the same medication and benefits without having to pay as much for your prescription! You can ask your doctor or pharmacist if there are generic alternatives to the medications that you are already taking. 

To be safe, you should always read the label of your generic medication to see if there are any major differences from the prescription. They may have additional ingredients or potential allergens. Reading the label will help you be confident that you know what is going into your body. 

Ask if You Need the Medications

While many prescription medications are necessary for your health, there are some that you may not need anymore. For example, if you have made changes to your lifestyle, you may not need to take a specific medication that you once needed. 

Other prescriptions that you have had for years may not be necessary anymore. 

You can meet with your doctor to see if there are any prescriptions that are no longer necessary for your health. This can help you cut down on the medication you need to take and can help you save money on your medical bills!

Ask for Samples

In some cases, you can ask your doctor if they are able to provide samples for new medications. If they are recommending a certain prescription, you may want to test it out to make sure it is effective for your needs. 

This way, you can make sure that your body tolerates the medication and that it helps meet your medical needs without having to pay the full price for an expensive prescription. 

Apply for Prescription Assistance

If you are still unable to afford your regular medication, you can also apply for prescription assistance. There are many prescription assistance programs, also known as PAPs, that financially support people who cannot afford their necessary medication. 

There are many prescription assistance programs offered by different organizations. This includes your state or local government, nonprofit organizations, and even drug manufacturers themselves. 

Typically, you will need to prove that you have a financial need for prescription assistance or prove that you were denied coverage from an insurance company. 

Get a 90-Day Supply

Finally, you can save money on your daily prescriptions if you ask for a 90-day supply of your medications! When you buy them in larger quantities, it often makes the prescription less expensive. 

Plus, it is a more convenient option, as you will not have to return to the pharmacy to fill your prescription as often. 

You should typically only get 90-day prescriptions for routine medications that you will need for the foreseeable future. This includes medication like birth control, blood pressure medication, or medication that treats permanent conditions. 

A 90-day supply can reduce your overall copay and can save you money in the long run!

Want to Save Money on Prescriptions? 

Prescriptions can be expensive. Luckily, you can save money on prescriptions if you cannot afford your medication costs. By following these tips, you can lower the cost of your medications and more easily afford your treatment. 

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