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Dosages Available

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Antabuse Information

Antabuse is also called disulfiram. It is a medication for treating chronic alcoholism. It can help an alcoholic control their drinking by causing very unpleasant side effects. These include chest pain, dizziness, flushing, nausea or thirst. These side effects will only occur if you take Antabuse and drink alcohol as well. When combined with counseling and therapy, this medication can be effective.

How To Use

Antabuse should be taken the way it is prescribed by the doctor. You need to keep following their instructions even when they alter them. As well as taking Antabuse, you should do regular blood tests to test your liver function. Additionally, alert any other doctor that will treat you that you are on Antabuse.

To ensure that you don’t miss your dose, someone should remind you when to take it. This can be a family member or a caregiver. They should also try to accompany you to counseling therapy sessions. For best results, don’t skip even if it is prescribed for a long duration.

Side Effects

Antabuse can cause the following common side effects:

  • Eye pain, abrupt vision loss
  • Tingling, numbness
  • Mental confusion, weird thoughts
  • Signs of liver damage like nausea, upper abdominal pain, fatigue

Ensure that you talk to the doctor about severe side effects of Antabuse. These may  include hot flushes, neck pain or throbbing headaches, angina, fast or louder heart beats, profuse sweating and so on.


Don’t start taking Antabuse without first informing the doctor about the following:

  • An allergy to disulfiram
  • Recent use of metronidazole
  • Recent consumption of alcohol or any foods that contain alcoholic ingredients
  • Severe heart disease, blockage of heart arteries
  • Psychosis
  • An underactive thyroid
  • Mental illness, seizures, epilepsy
  • Taking phenytoin or a tuberculosis medication
  • Pregnant, trying to have a baby or breastfeeding.


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