Lotensin (Benazepril Hydrochloride)

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Lotensin 10mg
Benazepril Hydrochloride
Lotensin 5mg
Benazepril Hydrochloride
Benazepril 5mg
Benazepril Hydrochloride
AA Pharma Inc.
Benazepril 10mg
Benazepril Hydrochloride
Apotex Inc
Benazepril 20mg
Benazepril Hydrochloride
AA Pharma Inc.

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Dosages Available

You can buy Lotensin in its brand and generic forms. The brand medicine also called, Fortekor, is manufactured by Novartis as a product of Australia and by Abdi Ibrahim as a product of Turkey. Our generic, Benazepril, is made by AA Pharma Inc. as a product of Canada and by Apotex Inc as a product of Canada. We offer it in these dosage forms: 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg and 20mg.

Lotensin Price

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Place a refill or re-order by calling our toll free phone line or logging into your online account through the website. You will be able to view your previous order and view more options available. If you don't have an active prescription on file we can reach out to your doctor for a refill request.

Lotensin Information

Lotensin is what is known as an ACE – an angiotensin converting enzyme. It has the ingredient benazepril and it is used to help with hypertension. This is high blood pressure and the medication will lower it. If the blood pressure is too high, then there is the increased risk of suffering from strokes and heart attacks. It is intended only for adults and children who are over 6 years of age.

How To Use

Providing the adult taking the medication is not also using a diuretic, then 10mg of Lotensin can be given once a day at the beginning of the treatment. After that it can rise to 20 – 40 mg per day. This can be taken either as a single dose or split into two over the course of the day. When diuretics are being taken, it is best to begin with 5 mg per day.For the under 6’s it will be 0.2mg/kg once each day. It will be best to take this in one dose. This can rise to 0.6 mg/kg perday. Under 6’s should not take the medication at all.

Side Effects

There can be some side effects when taking Lotensin and they can include: -

  • Fever
  • Itching
  • Joint pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Hives
  • Weight gain
  • Eye irritation.


Before starting to take Lotensin tell your doctor if you have: -

  • Hereditary angioedema
  • Reacted badly to an ACE inhibitor
  • Taken sacubitril
  • Diabetes
  • Taken aliskiren
  • Kidney disease
  • Heart disease
  • Liver disease
  • Are pregnant or breast feeding
  • Had an organ transplant.


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