Optimmune Ointment (Cyclosporine)

Rx Prescription Required

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Cyclosporine Ointment (Generic)
Cyclosporine (Ciclosporin)
Optimmune Eye Ointment
Cyclosporine (Ciclosporin)

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To obtain Optimmune Ointment ensure that you check it on CanadianPharmacyOnline.com. Then call us on 1-800-828-4889 and send your prescription. We will send your medicine if you already have a prescription from the doctor. Another way to communicate is through Canadian Pharmacy Online Chat. You should also read a How to Order guide on our site to know how we function. The maximum amount that can be ordered is a three month supply of medication based on your prescription.

Dosages Available

You can buy Optimmune Ointment in its brand and generic forms. The brand medicine is manufactured by MSD Animal Health Ltd as a product of the UK. The generic, Cyclosporine Ointment, is made by Sava Medica Ltd as a product of India. We offer it in one dosage, which is 2mg/g.

Optimmune Ointment Price

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We will ship Optimmune Ointment from the United Kingdom to the US in 7 to 10 business days and in 10 to 18 business days from Mauritius. Once shipped, you will receive a notification by email. There will be no shipping fees.

Optimmune Ointment Information

This is an ophthalmic product that is designed for eye treatment. It contains cyclosporine and is used for treatment of dry eye in dogs. The condition is otherwise called keratoconjunctivitis sicca or KCS. Optimmune can also be prescribed for treatment of chronic superficial keratitis. The medicine is able to treat dryness in the eyes as well as reduce inflammation and irritation. It is easy to use and acts fast.

How To Use

Optimmune is used the way the veterinary prescribes it. Also, it should be placed directly to the affected eye. As it has a lot of anti-inflammatory effects, Optimmune can help to decrease damage to tear glands. At the same time, it can stimulate tear production. For it to offer these benefits, you should use it correctly. While optimum effect can appear after several weeks, you should keep administering the product. A ¼-inch strip should be administered every twelve hours to the sick eye. Place the medciation directly to the Cornea area or into the conjunctival sac.

Side Effects

Optimmune can trigger the following side effects:

  • Eye inflammation
  • Eyelid inflammation
  • Eye redness
  • Mild discomfort in the eye
  • Mild loss of fur
  • Transient hyperemia
  • Too much rubbing
  • An eyelid spasm.

Call the doctor if these worsen.


As you switch to this ointment for dogs, ensure your dog’s safety first. Also note that clinical effects might take several days or weeks to be apparent. Keep using the product until the duration for use is over. In addition, don’t administer Optimmune Ointment if your dog has an active viral or a fungal ocular infection. Delay use until any of these diseases heal.


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