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Should You Purchase Birth Control Online?

In the U.S., approximately 65% of all women use some form of birth control. For women, being in control of their reproductive health is a major component of their care routine. Some may not want to risk having a baby because of their age or health while others simply choose not to have children at all.

It’s a personal choice that each woman must make for themselves. Birth control pills and other contraceptives give women the choice of being in charge of their reproductive freedom. Now it’s even possible to buy birth control online from a reputable Canadian pharmacy shipped to your door.

If you’ve been wondering whether you should consider buying birth control online, this guide can help you. In it, we’ll explore the key advantages that come with being able to buy medication online. Keep reading below for more helpful information on the benefits of purchasing birth control online.

Buying Birth Control Online Offers Accessibility

In the United States there exist areas known as Contraceptive Deserts. This means that women of reproductive age lack the most basic access to health clinics that offer the full contraceptive types of birth control women need. In fact, over 19 million of the 66 million women of reproductive age live in these Contraceptive Deserts, which can greatly affect a woman’s ability to obtain birth control.

Having the ability to buy birth control online allows these women to access the birth control they need. They don’t have to search around for a healthcare center that will cater to their needs or drive for hours each month to get to a center. They can more easily access the types of birth control they need and have it delivered to their home. 

All you need is a valid prescription for the birth control method they want. Then, you simply upload it, fax it, or email it to the Canadian pharmacy of your choice. The online pharmacy can even contact your doctor’s office to obtain this information for you.

With the Loestrin birth control pills, you can order a 3 month supply. This means that you can cut down on the number of times you need to make a trip to a clinic from monthly to just 4 times a year. 

It Lets You Obtain Different Types of Birth Control

You may think that buying birth control online only gives you access to birth control pills. But you can also obtain access to other types of birth control as well. This means that you can find the birth control method that works best for your lifestyle and your unique birth control needs.

For example, you can purchase a 150mg/mL syringe of Depo-Provera injectable birth control. This is a syringe of medication you administer yourself under the skin. It will provide you with 3 months of birth control in one syringe which is ideal for women who want long-lasting birth control without having to worry about having to remember to take a pill every day. 

Another option of being able to purchase birth control online is the NuvaRing contraceptive device. This is a small, flexible plastic ring that you place inside of your vagina. It releases a steady and continuous dose of estrogen and progestin into the bloodstream which helps to prevent pregnancy. 

The NuvaRing needs to be removed each month and replaced with a new one. However, with a Canadian pharmacy, you can get a 3 month supply at one time which means you’ll be prepared for subsequent months. Any refills will be kept on file for easy reordering. 

A third method of birth control is the Ortho Evra patch. This patch adheres to the skin and gives you a controlled dose of progestin and estrogen through your skin either on the back, upper abdomen, buttock, or on outside of your upper arm. You change the patch once a week for three weeks and then go one week without it. 

The Ortho Evra patch provides 92%-99.7% effectiveness at preventing pregnancy when used correctly.

It Gives You More Convenience

Think of how many errands you need to run on an average day. From grocery shopping to picking up kids from school or daycare and going to medical appointments; you’ve got enough to deal with as it is. You don’t want to have to spend more time driving to and waiting in a long line at the pharmacy to pick up your medications.

Your time is valuable and it’s important that you use it however you want. Ordering birth control online gives you more of your valuable time back. Once you’ve uploaded your prescription onto the website and paid for your order, the pharmacy sends it right to your front door. 

An online Canadian pharmacy ships birth control all across the U.S. with a tracking number linked to USPS so you can see the status of your order. Standard shipping to the U.S. is free. If you opt for Express shipping, you will receive your order within 3 to 5 business days. 

For any medication orders from Canada, it will take 7 to 10 business days to reach you. With birth control products from the United Kingdom, you can expect it to take around 7 to 12 business days for delivery. Any online medications ordered coming from New Zealand, Turkey, Australia, and India will take 10 to 18 business days.

It Is More Discreet

Standing in line at the pharmacy to get your birth control pills and other types of birth control isn’t just a burden on your time, it can also be embarrassing. Despite standing behind the yellow line to protect patient privacy, people can hear what is being said between you and your pharmacist. You never know who you’re going to run into at the pharmacy either.

You don’t want everyone in town to know your personal business. Even worse, you don’t want their shame and their judgment on you and your personal choice to use birth control. That’s the beauty of ordering birth control online. 

When you order birth control online, your order is handled discreetly by pharmacy staff. It gets shipped right to your front door or mailbox in plain brown packaging that doesn’t give away the contents inside. All you have to do is walk to your front porch or mailbox and bring your online medications inside. 

Your reproductive health needs stay between you, your doctor, and your Canadian pharmacy and no one else.

It Saves You Money

If you don’t have medical insurance, trying to buy your birth control method can be costly out of pocket. But when you buy birth control online through a Canadian pharmacy, you will be able to save more money than you would if you tried to purchase them outright in the States. It is perfectly legal to order these medications as long as you have a valid prescription and go through a reputable Canadian pharmacy.

A Canadian pharmacy gets these medications through their Universal Healthcare Coverage at a much lower price than the United States can. Their drug prices are capped and controlled by the Canadian government, so you’ll see much bigger savings on Canadian medication online. The Canadian pharmacy then fills your prescriptions and ships them directly to you at these lower prices.

You can also buy your birth control online in the generic form and save even more money over the name brand. For instance, the birth control pills known by the brand name Alesse will cost you $42.00 for a 28-day supply of the 0.1mg/0.02mg dosage which works out to $1.50 per pill. If you opt for the generic of Alesse, Ethinyl/Levonorgestrel 0.1mg/0.02mg, it’s just $38.00 which works out to $1.36 per pill.

It Is Safe

When you think of a Canadian pharmacy or buying birth control online, you may be thinking that these are cheap knock-offs or they’re not safe, but that’s not true. These are the same medications you would get in the United States but for a whole lot less. They come from the same big-name pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, Schering, Teva, and Merck. 

The only difference is the price due to Canada’s regulation of prescription drug prices. That’s why they are able to get these medications so much cheaper. But they are the same high-quality medications you would get anywhere else with just a lower price markup. 

Your prescription still goes through a strict verification process just like it would at a pharmacy in the United States. Trained Canadian pharmacists fill your prescription and ensure that it meets all of the proper dosage requirements specified by your doctor. 

You can view the country of origin where your medication is coming from and see the manufacturer. Your payment information and health information are kept safe and secure. You can also speak to a pharmacist if you have any questions.

Buy Your Birth Control Online Today Through Canadian Pharmacy Online

To answer the question “Should you purchase birth control online?” Yes, you absolutely should. Buying birth control online is safe, convenient, and accessible and it will help you save time, money, and your reputation in the process. Turn to Canadian Pharmacy Online for your birth control needs.

Canadian Pharmacy Online is an accredited and trusted online pharmacy that serves thousands of satisfied customers in the United States with their online medication needs. Our network of licensed pharmacies fills your medication at regulated prices and passes the savings on to you.

Contact us to get started filling your medication online today.

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