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Side Effects of Semaglutide for Diabetes and Weight Loss

Believe it or not, compounded semaglutide has only been around for about a decade. It has also only been approved for use in a few different types of medications for about 5 years.

Yet, compounded semaglutide has already managed to make a huge splash within the world of prescription medications. It’s found in medication options for those who need to take them for type 2 diabetes management. It’s also found in a whole host of weight loss medications.

If you’ve been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or if you’ve continuously struggled to lose weight through dieting and exercise alone, you may want to consider speaking with your doctor about using semaglutide to your advantage. But you should also make every effort to learn as much as you can about semaglutide.

Get more information about compounded semaglutide and its side effects below.

What Is Compounded Semaglutide?

Before we begin talking about how compounded semaglutide works and what the potential side effects of it might be, it’s important for you to know what it is. So let’s start there.

Compounded semaglutide is a medication that is part of a class of medications that are referred to as glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonists. It’s designed to mimic the GLP-1 hormone that your body releases into your gastrointestinal tract when you begin eating something.

Under normal circumstances, the GLP-1 hormone will play a few key roles as you eat. It’ll let your body know that it needs to start producing more insulin to keep your blood glucose levels under control. It’ll also let your brain know that you’re getting full so that it can reduce your appetite.

When you take one of the types of medications containing semaglutide, it will take the place of the GLP-1 hormone and carry out these tasks. It’s why these medication options have turned into such great options for those doing battle with either type 2 diabetes or weight management.

Which Prescription Medications Contain Semaglutide?

At first glance, “compounded semaglutide” might not immediately ring a bell. Not everyone outside of the pharmaceutical world is familiar with this technical term.

But most people have come to know the prescription medications that contain compounded semaglutide. There are both injectable forms of semaglutide as well as oral pills that contain it.

The prescription medication that many people have heard about is called Ozempic. It’s an injectable medication that was originally created to help those with type 2 diabetes. In addition to making it possible for people to manage their blood sugar levels, Ozempic can also help lower the risk of both heart attacks and strokes in those with heart disease.

Rybelsus is another prescription medication that contains semaglutide. It can do many of the same things that Ozempic can with the main difference being that it’s an oral pill as opposed to an injectable medication.

Wegovy is similar to both Ozempic and Rybelsus in that it has semaglutide in it, and it can provide you with many of the benefits we just listed. But it’s a higher-strength version of Ozempic and Rybelsus that has been approved in the U.S. for weight loss.

What Are the Side Effects of Semaglutide?

If you’ve received a type 2 diabetes diagnosis from your doctor or if you’ve been having an especially tough time losing weight over the last few years, the prescription medications that have compounded semaglutide in them might work wonders for you. But there will be some side effects that may come along with using them that should also be on your radar.

Nausea is one of the most common side effects of using medication options that contain semaglutide. During clinical trials, up to 20% of those who took Ozempic or Rybelsus suffered from nausea. In some cases, people who experienced nausea found vomiting to be another one of the side effects of semaglutide.

Diarrhea is another common side effect of taking diabetes and weight loss medications that contain compounded semaglutide. Up to 30% of those who took Wegovy during clinical trials experienced diarrhea. People who took higher doses of semaglutide seemed to experience diarrhea more often than those who took lower doses.

Many of the other side effects of compounded semaglutide are less common. But you should still be aware of them.

Here are several more side effects that may impact you when you take prescription medications with semaglutide:

  • Stomach pain
  • Fatigue
  • Vivid dreams
  • Hair loss
  • Kidney damage
  • Thyroid issues

If your doctor prescribes you a medication with compounded semaglutide in it, you should look out for signs of these side effects. You should also let your doctor know about them. They may be able to adjust your dosages to limit the side effects you might face.

Where Should You Buy Diabetes and Weight Loss Medications With  Semaglutide?

Another good way to avoid the side effects of compounded semaglutide is by only buying diabetes and weight loss medications from trusted sources. You want to make sure you’re taking legitimate prescription medications when your doctor prescribes them to you. You shouldn’t ever buy these prescription medications through a shady brick-and-mortar or online pharmacy.

You can count on Canadian Pharmacy Online to set you up with the various types of medications containing semaglutide you might need. We’ll ship them directly to your front door so that you can start putting them to good use. We’ll also guarantee you get a great price on them when you purchase them from us.

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