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What Is Dexilant Used For?

Did you know that approximately 60 million Americans have heartburn monthly? Almost 15 million experience heartburn daily! Daily or frequent heartburn can wear down your esophageal lining and put you at risk for other health complications. 

If changing your diet isn’t helping, you may wonder what is Dexilant used for? If you’ve tried Prilosec or other medications, you’re in luck! Dexilant is a similar medication that may be able to help you manage your heartburn.

Additionally, over-the-counter medications often don’t have the strength or mechanisms of action to help treat more severe heartburn. Luckily, we have put together a complete guide on what Dexilant is, how it works, and how you can get started with a cheaper prescription cost today! Keep reading on for more information. 

What Is Dexilant?

Dexilant is a prescription medication with the active ingredient dexlansoprazole. It is a protein pump inhibitor that falls under the same classification as older drugs such as Prevacid and Prilosec. 

How do protein pump inhibitors work? They decrease stomach acid levels and parietal cells that line the stomach. It also functions as an anti-inflammatory in esophageal tissue lining, with some studies showing 90 to 94% success rates. 

What Is Dexilant Used For?

Like other protein pump inhibitors, Dexilant’s primary role is to manage stomach acid levels and relieve symptomatic heartburn or GERD. You can also purchase Dexilant to help with erosive esophagitis.

Since it is a prescription medication, you will need a physician’s script. Dexilant typically comes in an oral capsule form in 30 mg and 60 mg dosages. 

What Is GERD?

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is the medical term for acid reflux. Patients who have acid reflux more than twice weekly will typically have this diagnosis. 

Acid reflux occurs when stomach acid regurgitates and moves into your esophagus. Some studies show that it may impact nearly one-fifth of Americans

What are some of GERD’s symptoms?

  • Heartburn
  • Bitter taste in the mouth
  • Nausea
  • Chest pain
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Bad breath
  • Cough

Experts aren’t entirely sure what causes GERD, but they speculate it might be from an improperly functioning lower esophageal sphincter. When this sphincter doesn’t properly close after eating or drinking, digestive contents can regurgitate. Untreated GERD can lead to esophagitis, esophageal cancer, or gum disease. 

There are two main treatments when it comes to GERD symptom management:

  • Medication
  • Lifestyle changes

Losing excess weight, quitting smoking, elevating your head at night, and implementing dietary changes can make a difference. Many patients also need medication assistance, such as protein pump inhibitors.

Dexilant and GERD

Studies looked at how the active ingredient in Dexilant (dexlansoprazole) compared to lansoprazole. Lansoprazole is better known by its brand name, Prevacid. 

Patients with atypical GERD were treated with one of these medications. After eight weeks, researchers evaluated symptoms of GERD such as cough and globus (sensation of something stuck in your throat). Researchers found that dexlansoprazole was more effective at managing cough and globus symptoms than lansoprazole. 

How Can Dexilant Manage Chest Pain?

Chest pain is one of the key signs of GERD. Researchers closely examined how Dexilant can help manage non-cardiac related angina. 

Two groups were used in this study. The first study participants were given 30 mg/daily for eight weeks. The researchers used another drug, theophylline SR, at 250 mg/daily for four weeks. 

Another group was given dexlansoprazole at 60 mg daily for only two weeks. They found that the lower dosage for eight weeks was more helpful in symptom management. However, these differences weren’t highly significant, and all the groups improved in their GERD-related angina symptoms. 

Dexilant vs. Nexium

How does Dexilant medication compare to Nexium, another protein pump inhibitor? Nexium may have prescription use off-label. Otherwise, it is also used for treating GERD, erosive esophagitis, and more. 

The most recent study comparing the two is from 2019. The researchers conducted a 24-week study looking at dexlansoprazole and esomeprazole comparatively. Both groups showed improvements in GERD symptoms.

Yet, Dexilant showed better efficacy and improvements in overall test scores at the end of the 24 weeks. 

They both have generic availability and similar half-lives. Nexium may cost slightly less than Dexilant, especially if you opt for its generic version. Canadian Online Pharmacy offers Nexium prices starting at $35 for a 28 tablet supply. 

How To Buy Dexilant

How can you purchase Dexilant? In the United States, when you purchase Dexilant through a local pharmacy, you could be paying over $1,000 for a 90 capsule supply. This medication should be taken daily (unless notified by your physician), which can quickly eat into your wallet for yearly prescription medication costs. 

At Canadian Pharmacy Online, we offer Dexilant prices starting at $285 for 90 capsules. 

The cost to buy medicine through a Canadian retailer is often cheaper because of greater price caps and regulations. There is limited government regulation in the United States, and long patents can make brand name prescriptions unaffordable. 

You can get started with ordering Dexilant by uploading your prescription online. After one of our qualified clinicians’ reviews and validates your prescription, you can purchase your dosage and choose the capsule amount. Afterward, Dexilant is delivered right to your doorstep without ever needing to leave your home!

Finding Cost-Friendly Dexilant Prescriptions

What is Dexilant used for? Dexilant, like other acid reflux medications, is critical for managing your GERD symptoms or other reflux disorders. Leaving these untreated can lead to long-term health complications. 

If you can’t afford your prescriptions, you aren’t alone! Many Americans find brand-name prescriptions out of their price range. 

Without access to generic medications, it can make it even harder. The solution? Check out Canadian Online Pharmacy for everyday low prescription prices you can afford!

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