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Insulin Price Comparison Between USA and Canada

Something you may not have known is that the discovery of insulin began over a hundred years ago. After its discovery, it began to rapidly spread throughout the world. Today, insulin is available in pretty much every country.

While insulin is available everywhere, the price it costs isn’t always as manageable. The costs vary from country to country. This holds true even in places right by each other, like Canada and the United States.

In this article, we’ll explain the insulin price difference between countries. We’ll also explain the factors that make the cost so different, as well as a few tips to avoid paying extreme amounts for your medicine. All you need to do is keep reading.

Insulin Price Comparison

The cost of insulin in the United States and Canada varies depending on several factors. The biggest thing that changes the cost, however, is whether you have health insurance or not.

If a person has health insurance in the United States, then they can expect to pay about 800 dollars per month. If not, that price can climb as high as $1,300 a month. Even with recent price cuts, the cost of insulin is still incredibly high.

In Canada, insulin costs between 30 to 40 dollars per vial. This means that insulin costs up to 735 dollars per month, depending on the varying factors surrounding a person’s condition.

These prices depend on how many vials of insulin one person needs throughout the month. You may need as little as one vial or as many as ten vials. 

In addition, these numbers only reflect the cost of insulin. To manage your diabetes, you’ll need devices such as glucose monitors. Glucose monitors also require test strips and needles, so the cost of managing your diabetes can get quite high.

Comparing Insulin Prices: Why the Difference?

The people who developed insulin wanted it to be available to the world. However, they didn’t predict the world that we live in. Today, there are a few different factors that can affect the costs of insulin.

The first factor is the manufacturing company. Three main companies handle most insulin production. As such, these companies are pretty much in control of the prices.

Manufacturing companies price their drugs based on a few factors. One of these factors is how unique the drug is. If the manufacturing company uses a formula none of the other companies do, they can charge more.

The factor of how unique a medication is is actually why manufacturing companies charge less for the generic medication than they do for a brand name one. Generic insulin is made of the typical ingredients that all insulin contains. There’s nothing unique about it, so there’s no reason to charge more for it.

Another factor that manufacturing companies base their prices on is how much their competition charges. Due to this, most companies stay in lockstep with each other. The companies arrange to charge the optimal prices to allow them to continue making a profit.

Efforts are being taken to cap how much a company can charge for one vial. Unfortunately, efforts are slow going and sometimes get stalled.

Another factor affecting the cost of insulin is if a company has recently made any improvements. If they can prove the drug is more effective than it used to be, then they can charge a small price increase.

The final factor affecting the cost of insulin is how good your insurance coverage is. Someone with different insurance may pay far less than you do.

Can America Benefit From Canada’s Insulin Prices?

If you’re looking to avoid paying the exorbitant prices America charges for insulin, you may be wondering if you can order your medicine from a Canadian pharmacy instead. If so, then we have good news for you.

Insulin is one of those products that can only be made in a few different ways. This means that pretty much all the insulin on the market has undergone testing and is FDA-approved and considered safe.

Thanks to the fact that insulin is FDA-approved, you can absolutely order your insulin from a Canadian online pharmacy! As long as the pharmacy follows FDA guidelines when shipping medication, that is.

This simply means that you need to have the insulin prescribed to you by a licensed medical care provider. 

Keep an eye out for phony pharmacy websites. These places overcharge or charge you for products that you didn’t order. In addition, they don’t require a prescription or have anyone licensed available to answer your questions.

Some fake online pharmacies won’t even have a license. 

What if You Can’t Afford the Cost of Insulin?

If you can’t afford the cost of insulin, you need to look at switching insurance companies. In addition, ask about low-income plans in your area. You may be able to locate somewhere where you can pay less for insulin.

Although type 2 diabetes can be reversible, you shouldn’t count on being able to send your diabetes into remission. Most people who are prescribed insulin will need it daily for the rest of their lives.

If you can’t afford to get your insulin, the results can be disastrous and sometimes fatal. Your body needs insulin to be able to regulate your blood sugar and other things.

This is not the time for pride. If you need help to purchase insulin, seek it out. The systems are in place for a reason; they’re there so you can use them.

Get Affordable Medicine Quick and Easy

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